220th day..

In today’s world a person will go broke trying to further themselves even open up a small business only to find out that whoops fuck you , your still shit in everyone’s eyes and without people and money who are every bit influential to make it . Your still will be at the bottom. Begging for scraps that no one will throw to you because your OVER qualified . They will laugh at you and say good luck. Go back to school. Even with 2 degrees and in debt with student loans. School may have taught me a lot, but even through perseverance and pushing forward. Its been for naught.

So you deal and beg and give up your dream and go back to the one thing that made you go to school in the first place..

Something that you did for 14 yrs. Housekeeping.

Maybe a good honest job but for a  girl with 2 degrees and a small business , Its a HUGE  fuck you  to her.023cc

One thought on “220th day..

  1. I hate when businesses use phrases like “over qualified” – you would think they would want someone like that on their team to bring in fresh perspective.

    Don’t give up, there is something out there with your name written all over it!

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