222nd day.. Rant








Yesterday  my youngest son turned 15.
I woke him up sang him happy birthday ,bought him a  small cake complete with chips and tea. Made him his favorite meal for lunch when he got out of summer school. He had his girlfriend over for about 1 hr and then later one of his friends took him out to eat and got him a gift card.
I had no money to get a gift but Im throwing him a  party on Saturday and by then , I will have a  small bit of cash to get him something by then.

He was bummed quite a bit because he wanted his dad and others to at least call him and wish him a happy birthday. Well at 10 pm I texted my other son and said text or call him .You all and your dad forgot to wish him a happy birthday.
I sent this to a  few other family members

The text I received from his ass of a  dad ..and I quote “I didnt call  (son’s name) today because I saw him yesterday at so and so house”

He basically sent the same message to son… yup father of the year ….-_-

and my other son said well no one told me….
Face palm

Im gonna call my sister and mom later and tell them they forgot as well.

Im just aggravated over this.
It takes not even 2 min out of your time to say happy birthday and make a boy happy.
It shouldnt  have to fall back on me all the time to make things right.
You should do it because you want to.

smacks head.

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2 thoughts on “222nd day.. Rant

  1. I agree, but knowing your family, perhaps you should send out a reminder a few days in advance in a regular email/text. I am bad on dates, too. But everyone talks about birthdays and stuff around here so much that there isn’t a chance of forgetting. I personally do not celebrate my birthday. No presents are required or wanted. But Judy will take me out for dinner at a place of my choice as long as its not WH. Tell him he has a special birthday because it is the same day as my granddaughter. And tell him HBD from me, too.

  2. Oh everyone knows its his birthday. My ex’s wife birthday is a day before my son and he took her out wined and dined her and announced it on fb. I know it sounds petty to me and my son isnt little anymore but to me actions speak words to me when he does this. My mom texted him today and sister is sick but gave me a message to pass along to him.
    I will tell him later today when I see him

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